Duracryl Concrete Sealer

Duracryl is a concrete sealer and surface wear protector for all concrete surfaces. Duracryl Concrete Sealer provides stain protection against water, oil and acid based staining agents.

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Premium - Lithium Densifier

Premium - Lithium reacts chemically with Calcium and free lime in all types of concrete to create a dense chemical resistant hard surface that is insoluble.  For use as a concrete cure, chemical hardener, and dust resistance.

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Diamond Bright - Densifier

Diamond Bright is a chemical hardening solution that is formulated to improve hardness density and abrasion resistance along with surface appearance and reduce labor costs on mechanically polished concrete. Diamond Bright is a water based low VOC odorless product.

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Citrus Blast

Citrus Blast is an incredible neutral cleaner for all hard surfaces. Intended uses include Daily maintenance cleaning using autoscrubber or mop and Use with regular mop, microfiber mop, sponge mop or autoscrubber.

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Aqua Seal

Aqua Seal is a penetrating fluoropolymer sealer. Aqua Seal is perfect for all stone and concrete where no color changes and no gloss is desired. Including: granite, marble, travantine, stone, sand stone, lime stone & most porous surfaces.

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Stone Conditioner

Stone Conditioner is one of the best Conditioning Cleaner/Restorer for surfaces treated with Aqua Seal. West Coast Chemical Stone Conditioner cleans and fortifies the floor, increases shine, adds protection, increases slip resistance, and cleans & reinforces protection.

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About Us

We offer consultations and certification on all of our products. We also we provide custom blending and packaging for your requirements. Please contact me at doliver@westcoastchemical.com with any questions. SPECIALIZING IN INNOVATIVE CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS FOR OVER FORTY YEARS.

Safety Trac

At West Coast Chemical safety is of prime concern.

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Some of Our Work

Welcome to West Coast Chemical

Who is West Coast Chemical?
West Coast Chemical Corporation has been a leader in commercial floor care product development for over forty years. Our research and development department provides cutting edge technology and innovation. We are constantly striving for the highest quality possible, most innovative and forward thinking technology which will provide the best value for our customers. Our objective is to manufacture floor care systems which provide safety, durability, performance and cost effectiveness.
We make it possible, through our line-up of innovative products and technology, to implement the cost saving measures such as our Ultra Durable Floor Coating System. (Click Here For More Information) At West Coast Chemical we are aware that the shortage of trained in-house personnel who can properly apply, maintain, repair and re-apply Ultra Durable Coatings has always been a stumbling block. In the past these Ultra Durable Coatings have required a high level of expertise and a comprehensive and expensive in-house training program. West Coast Chemical has a solution to this conundrum.


We Highly recommend West Coast Chemical Safety-Traction floor care system with their Traction Plus floor finish. Our campus has extreme heavy foot traffic with three thousand students the Traction Plus retained its original gloss for six months with just a weekly auto-scrubbing and burnishing...
Roosevelt High
Regarding West Coast Chemical product Paragon II on three different occasions we applied this product and after one year of service we determined the wear and gloss retention to be exceptional also the labor savings over conventional floor care was very substantial . I would highly recommend this product to any facility to improve appearance and reduce the labor cost at the same time.
Kaiser Permanente

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