About West Coast Chemical

West Coast Chemical Corporation has been a leader in commercial floor care product development for over forty years. Our research and development department provides cutting edge technology and innovation. We are constantly striving for the highest quality possible, most innovative and forward thinking technology which will provide the best value for our customers.

Our objective is to manufacture floor care systems which provide safety, durability, performance and cost effectiveness. Our Safety Trac Hi Speed floor care system is an example of our success and innovation over the past 12 years. As labor costs continue to rise, West Coast Chemical Corporation developed new technology formulation. We have developed an odorless low VOC coating designed to provide many years of service. Paragon II eliminates the high maintenance requirements of conventional floor finishes. This innovative new technology reduces labor cost up to 50%. Paragon II is a 2 part catalyzed urethane resin curing coating system designed for high performance, long wear, gloss and chemical resistance. Paragon II is the next generation of floor coatings, highly cost effective yet extremely user friendly.


Our Customers

West Coast Chemical Corporation has been a leader in commercial floor care, manufacturing for over forty years. Our innovative products make us a valuable partner to help customers solve problems and reach their strategic business objectives. Our customers cover a spectrum of public area hospitals, casinos, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, and large public areas requiring a positive solution for their hard surface floor care needs.

Message From the President

Thank you for visiting the West Coast Chemicals website. We have over 30 years experience in bringing high quality products to the market. We are very excited about the innovative new products like our Paragon II Ultra-Durable finish and Vortex coating remover. These innovative products will create the next generation of labor saving benefits for our customers. Our products are formulated to be environmentally safe with low VOC and applications are very user friendly.

Please let me know if we can be of any assistance. We appreciate your interest and are looking forward to a long term business relationship.