WC4216 Concrete Guard & Dura Clean
Automotive Service Center System for Polished Concrete

Superior stain resistance, scuff resistance & exceptional appearance with the new Nano/Urethane formulation exceeding all industry standards.

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Stone / Concrete Polishing System

Diamond Polish System with Conventional Equipment

Calcium & Freelime surface protector with Anti-soil inhibitor.

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Stone / Concrete Coating System

Concrete Seal for Polished Concrete

Excellent water, isopropyl alcohol and amine resistance. This new technology creates exceptional durability against scratches and scuffs on concrete surfaces.

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Paragon II
Ultra Durable Floor Coating System

Imagine your floors looking great for twelve months after applying Paragon II Ultra Durable floor finish. The best part is the ease of maintenance: simply dust mop and clean with Safety Traction Cleaner. The result is a beautiful floor and substantially reduced maintenance costs over conventional floor finish systems.

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