Concrete & Stone Curing, Hardening & Densification

Diamond Bright Plus

Diamond Bright Plus is a unique blend of silicates & surfactants providing superior results that penetrate concrete surfaces that chemically react to increase surface density durability & abrasion resistance.

Dura Hard Concrete Silica Densifier

Dura Hard Concrete Silica Densifier is a transparent, reactive penetrating liquid designed to densify and strengthen concrete surfaces. It works by chemically reacting with the concrete to produce more CSH (calcium silicate hydrate), hardening and densifying the surface. This increases the concrete's abrasion, impact, and wear resistance while also decreasing dusting. Dura Hard penetrates deeply into the concrete, ensuring long-term benefits. It helps to reduce contaminant absorption and makes maintenance cleaning faster and more effective. Dura Hard Concrete Silica Densifier enhances the lifespan of concrete flooring.

Finale Densifier – Premium Sodium Concrete Sealer Densifier

CONCRETE DENSIFIER CHEMICALLY TREATING BARE CONCRETE SURFACE, INCREASING DENSITY & HARDNESS OF THE SURFACE soluble silicates react with calcium hydroxide to reduce permeability and porosity of the concrete matrix. Finale treated floors increase the life of concrete floors and resist dusting for years after application

Premium – Lithium Densifier

Premium - Lithium reacts chemically with Calcium and free lime in all types of concrete to create a dense chemical resistant hard surface that is insoluble.