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Calcium & Freelime surface protector with Anti-soil inhibitor.

Dura Clean – Concrete Densifier and Multi-Surface Cleaner

Dura Clean is an extremely powerful cleaner and degreaser designed exclusively for concrete surfaces. It quickly emulsifies and eliminates organic oils, greases, food stains, and other tough pollutants from concrete without harming the substrate. Dura Clean's strong alkaline solution dissolves spills and stains' molecular structure on contact, allowing easy rinsing. It produces no residue or haze and outperforms acids, butyls, and other dangerous solvents. Dura Clean is safe for old and new concrete densifiers and restores floors without extensive scrubbing. It's an eco-friendly approach to cleaning and preparing concrete for coatings or densifiers. The adaptable concentration can be diluted up to 8 times for cost-effective application. Cleaner and conditioner for all hard surfaces: add 16 oz to 32 solution tanks or 1oz per gallon of water.

Improve the durability and strength of your concrete surfaces with Dura Clean Concentrate, which now features the powerful Concrete Densifier formula available at West Coast Chemical. Specifically engineered to penetrate deep into concrete pores, this densifier strengthens and seals the surface, minimizing dusting and increasing resistance to abrasion and wear. Whether for industrial floors, garage surfaces, or outdoor walkways, Dura Clean Concentrate with Concrete Densifier delivers excellent protection and durability, ensuring your concrete surfaces remain pristine and robust for years. With this innovative strategy, you may improve your concrete concerned routine and achieve professional-level results.

Look into the versatility and power of Dura Clean Concentrate, the best multi-surface cleaner available at West Coast Chemical. This highly effective formula tackles dirt, grease, and grime on various surfaces, including countertops, floors, and appliances. Perfect for residential and commercial use, Dura Clean Concentrate's multi-surface cleaner ensures a deep clean while being gentle on surfaces, leaving them spotless and refreshed. Improve your cleaning routine with this reliable, multi-purpose cleaner that always delivers excellent results.

HI-LITE Cleaner

Neutral Low Foaming cleaner specially formulated for use with auto scrubbers on treated floors improves SCOF slip resistance.Contains no inorganic ingredients. Special water softener formula trap hard water deposits in solution so the surface dries clean & clear of dulling.