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West Coast Chemical Corporation has been a leader in commercial floor care product development for over forty years. Our research and development department provides cutting edge technology and innovation. We are constantly striving for the highest quality possible, most innovative and forward thinking technology which will provide the best value for our customers. Our objective is to manufacture floor care systems which provide safety, durability, performance and cost effectiveness.

We make it possible, through our line-up of innovative products and technology, to implement the cost saving measures such as our Ultra Durable Floor Coating System. (Click Here For More Information) At West Coast Chemical we are aware that the shortage of trained in-house personnel who can properly apply, maintain, repair and re-apply Ultra Durable Coatings has always been a stumbling block. In the past these Ultra Durable Coatings have required a high level of expertise and a comprehensive and expensive in-house training program. West Coast Chemical has a solution to this conundrum.

We offer consultations and certification on all of our products. We also we provide custom blending and packaging for your requirements. Please contact me at doliver@westcoastchemical.com with any questions. SPECIALIZING IN INNOVATIVE CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS FOR OVER FORTY YEARS….


Accolade System Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Safety Trac System

At West Coast Chemical safety is of prime concern, so all West Coast Chemical hard surface floor care products exceed industry standards for slip resistance.

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