Finale Densifier – Premium Sodium Concrete Sealer Densifier

CONCRETE DENSIFIER CHEMICALLY TREATING BARE CONCRETE SURFACE, INCREASING DENSITY & HARDNESS OF THE SURFACE soluble silicates react with calcium hydroxide to reduce permeability and porosity of the concrete matrix. Finale treated floors increase the life of concrete floors and resist dusting for years after application

Intended Use

Finale silicate is a cost-effective concrete hardener and sealant for all untreated concrete surfaces, providing excellent results when applied properly! Finale increases the concrete strength by replacing soluble lime with C-S -H . Finale is a premium densifier formulated to use on heavy traffic public areas such as retail stores, warehouses, stadiums grocery stores and schools.

Product Features

The strength and properties of concrete are impacted by the degree of calcium silicate hydrate it contains relative to its porosity. Finale increase concrete strength by replacing soluble lime with the C-S-H increasing the durability of the substrate. Concrete treated with Finale will add many years of service with excellent appearance, abrasion resistance, slip resistance & reduce airborne dust particles. Long term maintenance cost reduction increased coefficient of friction with Zero VOC

Physical Properties

Flash Point: None
Viscosity: Not Applicable
Appearance: Clear colorless
Odor: Odorless
PH: 11
Flash Point: Not Applicable
Type of Solids: Proprietary

Application Instructions

Limitation of Use: Commercial use only

Surface Preparation:

Should not be applied to any surface that has already been treated with compounds that might prevent penetration of Finale Silicate. New concrete should cure for one week before applying Finale. Make sure the surface is cleaned thoroughly with soap or cleaning compound, also remove all loose surface debris. Allow the surface to dry for 24 hours before applying Finale.

Mixing Instructions: No Mixing required

Application Instructions:

Apply Finale with a sprayer, brush, squeegee or scrubber at the rate 200sq ft per gallon depending on the porosity of concrete. Scrub solution for several minutes to obtain even penetration. Any excess material should be thoroughly rinsed off to prevent efflorescence and surface residue very important!

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