HI-LITE Cleaner

Neutral Low Foaming cleaner specially formulated for use with auto scrubbers on treated floors improves SCOF slip resistance.Contains no inorganic ingredients. Special water softener formula trap hard water deposits in solution so the surface dries clean & clear of dulling.

Intended Use

  • Use for a variety of cleaning applications from deep scrubbing floors to general all purpose cleaning.

Product Features

  • No Rinse Cleaner
  • Excellent Ice Melter
  • Pleasant Scent
  • Removes Hard Water Haze
  • Increases SCOF slip resistance

Physical Properties

  • Flash Point – n/a
  • Viscosity – <1
  • Color – Clear Blue
  • Type of Solids- n/a
  • Boiling Point – n/a
  • Fragrances – Bubble Gum
  • pH – 7.0

Application Instructions

Daily cleaning with auto scrubber is recommended for floors treated with floor finish.Also recommended for all purpose cleaning for all hard surfaces,counter tops walls,check stands etc.
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