An Aliphatic Two –Part , High Gloss , Non-Yellowing Urethane Ultra Durable floor coating that delivers performance and cost –effectiveness that far surpasses the performances of conventional floor finishes. PARAGON II ONE HOUR DRY TIME

Intended Use

  • Recommended for all hard surfaces including sheet vinyl, linoleum, vct, terazzo, granite, marble, quarry tile, wood and many other types of flooring.

Product Features

  • Fast Fry Time One Hour
  • Pot Life 8 Hours
  • Improve SCOF Slip Resistance
  • Water Based Environmentally Safe
  • Low VOC {98g/1}
  • Reduced floor interventions eliminating strippers. Excellent abrasion resistance/ gloss retention
  • Mar & Abrasion Resistant
  • Acid & Chemical Resistant
  • Replaces Acrylic Finishes
  • Eliminates Burnishing
  • Superior Stain Resistance
  • Superior solvent { MEK, Ethanol} and 100 degree C water Resistance

Physical Properties

  • Solids – 30%
  • Viscosity – 5-10
  • Tensile Strength – 4400
  • UVA-340 gloss loss – 2%
  • Tack Free Time – 30-35
  • Pot Life – 8 HRS
  • pH – 8.0

Application Instructions

For best results pour Paragon II on the surface and spread with a microfiber applicator maintain even heavy flow and make sure to keep a wet edge continuously. Experienced applicators tape off the finish line to prevent any over spill. A second coat may be applied in one hour or as soon as the coat is dry, normally in one hour.
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