Premium – Lithium Densifier

Premium - Lithium reacts chemically with Calcium and free lime in all types of concrete to create a dense chemical resistant hard surface that is insoluble.

Intended Use

  • Concrete Cure
  • Chemical Hardener
  • Dust Resistance

Product Features

  • Chemical Change of free lime and calcium carbonate
  • Residue free
  • Fast curing
  • Low odor

Physical Properties

  • Flash Point – None
  • Viscosity – Water – Like
  • Color – Clear
  • Type of Solids – Lithium silicate

Application Instructions

After polishing with 100 grit resin diamonds clean the surface with clear water, pick up with wet/dry vacuum. Once dry apply Premium – Lithium with a pump sprayer or microfiber applicator. Apply evenly at a rate of 300 sq. ft. per gallon. Make sure to remove any puddles on the surface. Once the Premium – Lithium is dry allow 2 – 4 hours approximately. Proceed to polish with 200 grit resin, cleaning with clear water and pick up with wet/dry vacuum. Once dry polish with 400 grit resin and continue up to 1500 grit resin. Making sure to clean with clear water and pick up after each resin polish.

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