Aliphatic Urethane – Top Shield Single Component

Top Shield, Single Component Aliphatic Urethane is a high-performance polyurethane concrete coating that offers outstanding protection for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. When compared to aromtic urethane coatings, it has better gloss retention, UV stability, and weather resistance due to the use of aliphatic isocyanates. Top Shield is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasions while also being flexible enough to withstand cracks. It is simply applied with a squeegee and roller in a single layer up to 3 mils thick. Top Shield beautifies concrete while protecting it from wear, fading, and stains. Its durable high-gloss surface is ideal for garage floors, patios, pathways, and industrial/commercial concrete applications.

Intended Use

Top Shield Single Component Aliphatic Urethane gives a great shine and shields polished concrete surfaces indoors and outdoors.

Product Features

  • Gloss – Excellent
  • Scuff and Black Mark Resistance – Excellent
  • Chemical Resistance – Excellent
  • Compatible with all floor finishes – Excellent
  • Leveling and Dry Time – Excellent
  • Strippability – OK

Physical Properties

  • pH – 8.0 – 9.5
  • viscosity, cps – < 200
  • Weight/Gallon {lbs} – 8.76
  • Appearance – Off White Emulsion
  • Freeze/Thaw Stability – Do Not Freeze

Application Instructions

Apply using a clean microfiber pad. It is advisable to apply two light coats, then burnish with a hair pad in numerous passes to finish the application. Afterward, clean with Citrus Blast Neutral Cleaner two or three times each week, depending on traffic density. Burning twice a week is suggested.

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